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Math, Statistics & Writing for High School and College Students

Since Monica has been tutoring our daughters, our home and dinnertime is calm–no more anxiety over math homework or upcoming tests.

Pleasant Hill, CA mom

Bronze service: self-service, $45

Best for:  Parents/students with a fixed budget who just need high-quality tutoring and/or frequent tutoring, nothing extra. Parents are comfortable using online appointment systems. Works well for college students and high school students who drive.

Format: Online or select public locations

Silver service: we service, $75

Best for:  Busy parents who want high-quality tutoring but prefer to delegate scheduling online, tracking exams, and motivating their teen to us. Good for athletes and highly-scheduled students who need support once a week. Add-on services available.

Format: Online or select public locations

gold service: home service, $100

Best for:  Busy parents who want high-quality tutoring and antipate needing add-on services but prefer to delegate scheduling online, tracking exams, and motivating their teen to us. Good for parents who want their kids home after school, studying in a quiet, controlled, familiar environment. Discounts on add-on services are available.

Our tutoring philosophy

Our goal is to provide high quality, affordable, and timely service to keep math interesting and fun for students and affordable for parents. We promote short-duration tutoring, 6 to 8 weeks or two testing cycles, unless students have persistent learning challenges.

High quality: Our tutors have the appropriate degree and experience

Affordable: We work with any budget, if the student is committed.

♦ Timely:  Once students meet session/grade goals, we release them from tutoring

Community GivinG

We’re a very small business, but we give big.

♦ Free tutoring for Timebankers (other than math, statistics or writing)

♦ College Book Grant (Cultural Diversity in Mathematics)

♦ Donations (Crockett Give-Away Day, fundraisers, & Compassion in Action packs)

♦ Green efforts:  We reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink. We reduce paper use by using online resources, but when we do use paper we reuse paper such as the backside of junk mail. We recycle used paper. We stack our home session back-to-back, and we run errands at the start and end of our sessions. We offer online tutoring.

We chose a basement office because it stays cool in the spring through fall, and surprising warm in the winter, without the use of gas or electric appliances. We use solar fans spring through fall to keep our office comfortably cool. We use natural light for studying.

We reduce our consumption of plastic by bringing tap water in reusable containers when we provide home service.


Do I have to pay in advance to make a reservaton? Yes. When you commit your dollars to your education, then we commit our expert services. In order for use to recruit and retain the best tutors, we have to guarantee that we will provide them with students to tutor.

How long is a session? Session duration is one hour or less if the student finishes required and supplementary work

How do Standard” & “Late” cancel differ? A standard cancel is 8 or more hours notice is given. Late cancel is less than 8 hours notice is given.

What’s a “No-show”? When the student fails to show for the tutoring session. We typically call the parent and/or student if the student hasn’t arrived 5-7 minutes into the session. If there is no communication from the parent or student 30 minutes after the expected start of the session, the tutor is permitted to leave the tutoring location. If the student eventually arrives but the tutor is no longer there, partial tutoring time credit will be given.

Why do you have a shoes-on policy? We understand that many people take off their shoes upon entering their home. For the health and safety of all our tutors, we require tutors to keep their shoes on at all times throughout the session.

What are select locations? We offer tutoring at our office in Crockett, public libraries, and coffee shops. Not all locations are available at the Bronze level.

What ages or grades do your work with? We specializing in working with Grades 9-12. We also work with 8th graders in Algebra I or advanced math.

I wish you were my teacher

The most popular comment Monica hears.

we’ll make math easier:

You’ll spend less time on homework

and you’ll feel more confident