How do I know if I need your services?

If you have a business or organizational problem that you don’t know how to solve or you suspect that you need to do a survey, you might need our services.  The best way to know for sure is to ask for a free consultation.

We think we need to do a survey but we’re not sure how to get started.  Can you help?

Yes. We offer advice to survey experts, guidance to those with moderate survey experience, and full research services for those with little survey experience.  In either case, make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your needs.

What kinds of proposals do you review?

We review proposals for funding research or programs.  We have broad experience working in the areas of public health, cancer prevention, social welfare, animal welfare, education, small business development, organizational development, career development, business services, advocacy, pay equality, social justice, and race/gender issues and diversity.

Do you provide statistical services to doctoral candidates?

Yes, with written approval of the adviser or dissertation committee.

Do you help with high school or master’s degree projects?

Yes, with approval of the teacher or professor.  We provide statistical instruction services through My Neighborhood Tutor.  E-mail us MyNeighborhoodTutor@aol.com and describe your project.

Do you have a non-profit rate?

Yes, for registered 501 c(3) and c(4) organizations with long-term projects.

My project is not yet funded (i.e., unfunded), so I can’t pay you to review my grant or to advice on statistical matters.  Can we write you into the grant in exchange for your statistical services?

We’re UNIQUELY able to advise those who are developing proposals. We use a Mutual Aid Network to bring an end to a long-standing problem–obtaining pre-award statistical advice that respects grant award rules and expert contributions of statisticians.  Currently, we use the Bay Area Community Exchange (BACE).  With free registration, BACE member can request grant review services in exchange for time credit (i.e., no dollar cost).  Yes, we’re progressive and you can be, too!  Contact us for more information.

I just have a quick question, it’ll just take a minute, can I get an answer without going through the free consultation process?

Probably not.  You can contact us with your question and if we can answer it without reading background information to your study/project and without asking clarifying questions, then you just got yourself some free advice.  If we have to read an article or document or ask you clarifying questions, then your question is not “quick”, and you’ll need to make an appointment for a free consultation. (And yes, quick questions exist:  My calculations indicate that my sample size should be 90.3 people.  Should I obtain 90 or 91 people for my sample? Answer: 91 people.)

What are some typical rates?

Typically, service rates for advice range start at $100 per hour and depend on the timeline for completion and complexity of the request.  Rates for reviews start at $85 per hour and depend on the timeline for completion and complexity of the request. Rates for analysis and report writing vary and depend on various factors, such as timeline for completion, complexity, number of service hours, duration of project, etc. The above figures are not quotes for services; an estimate for services is provided after a free consultation.

What is the typical cost, from design to report, to do a simple, 15-question survey?

A “simple survey” with 15 questions costs our typical client $15,000-$25,000 and takes 3 to 6 months to implement and provide a written, analytic report.  Our clients who are very familiar with business research are likely to spend less time and money than the typical client. Those who are less familiar with research will receive informal instruction in research throughout the project. The above figure is not a quote for services.

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