Two Needs, One Solution

Awarding-winning Two Needs, One Solution (TNOS) is an international, remote, training program that matches early-career, African Statistics professionals with U.S. small businesses and nonprofits that need statistical support. The program gives early-career, statistics professionals career and economic support, in their home country, and gives leaders access to affordable, data and statistical support for their decision-making.

Through a business-driven question, a project emerges where business leaders are trained to collaborate with a statistics professional to solve an operational problem; through the project, leaders improve their data and statistics literacy and learn to budget for future statistical support while statistics professionals enhance their skills in data management, data analysis, or institutional research. An applied statistician oversees and directs the collaborative effort.  See our reviews & pricing.

Two Needs, One Solution is a win-win-win solution!  TNOS provides income and opportunity for professionals in their home country, and therefore, doesn’t contribute to a country’s “brain drain”. Simultaneously, it provides small organizations in the US with short-term, affordable statistical expertise so they can remain competitive. TNOS demonstrates the importance of the ethical practice of statistics and the value that statistical experts bring to organizations; it enhances the profession of statistics.

At this time, the program is accepting applications from early-career professionals who have a degree in Statistics and are living in Western, sub-Saharan African countries and applications from micro/small businesses and nonprofits in the Bay Area, CA.  TNOS is a competitive program so not every applicant is accepted.