look through a new lenses


business leaders

Get your business question addressed through this collaborative business research training program. Six to eight weekly meetings with action items to complete in between.

COST: $399 & up

statistics professionals

Engage directly with a US Applied Statistician and business leader, enhance your statistical skills, and develop your skill for international, remote work. Seven to eight weeks.



“Informative program about business research” – RFG, Inc.

“Nice to have someone familiar about education & statistics to clean my education data.” – MNT


“I would definitely recommend this to my friends and co-workers.” – George Sule

“The program has boosted my career professionalism and smartness.” – Adeola Oyewale ( Osun state, Nigeria).

Case Studies

The Ruby Cow

Maria’s was spending a lot of hours at her shop but that wasn’t translating to more sales. During the program, we launched her survey and learned she could cut back her hours without impacting her customers. Maria could spend more time with her new grandson without sacrificing sales!

Real estate 101

Drake’s family was hunting for deals. They had lots of data but weren’t sure how to use them. Could their data help them find the deals? Through the program, Drake learned to track relevant business data in one file to find the most effecting ad channels The program saved them money!


Thank you for the wonderful news!

Maria Done

“Two Needs, One Solution was an extremely informative program that helped us look at our company through a lens that we never had before!”

Drake Zinns, Head of Finance & Accounting, Golden Road, Inc. (El Sobrante, CA, USA)

Let’s build something great together.