What can I expect after making an appointment for a free consultation?

You will be asked to complete an project inquiry form, including a project disclosure agreement, which specifies what information M. Lee & Company may and may not disclose.

What can I expect during a free consultation?

You can expect us to ask you general questions about your company because we want to hear how your describe your organization.  You can expect to specify your business problem or interest.  If data already exist, then you will be required to show a snapshot of your data or show a thorough description of the structure of your data (i.e., file type, number of rows, number of columns, fields name, field type, etc.), and you can expect many questions on source, quality, and completeness of your data. You can also expect questions about your budget and timeline for research.

What shouldn’t I expect from a free consultation?

Specific answers to specific questions. An example of a specific question is  “How will you find and interview our dissatisfied customers?” Instead, ask us about our experience, such as “What experience do you have persuading dissatisfied customers to respond to a survey?”

What can I expect after a free consultation?

In the week(s) following a consultation, M. Lee & Company will provide an estimate for services.  If you hire M. Lee & Company then a contract will be sent.  Once hired, M. Lee & Company will work with you to set a date for a project kick-off meeting.


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